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CPD – 2 Day Breastfeeding Course

Dates: When the pandemic ends!! Hopefully Spring 2021
This is a weekend course Saturday and Sunday 

Venue: London School of Osteopathy

12 Grange Road, London SE1 3BE, United Kingdom

Times: 10am – 5.00pm Saturday & Sunday (registration from 9.30am) 

Cost: £280.00 off both days

Suck/Swallow/Breathe Disorders BOOK COURSE


Treating Suck/Swallow/Breathe Disorders in Infants 0-6 months

Over the past 20 years there has been a huge increase in the number of women wanting to breastfeed their babies. A lot of this is due to the overwhelming emerging evidence base indicating a wealth of health benefits, to the baby, from this mode of feeding.

However, breastfeeding itself can be very problematic for a variety of reasons, and failure to breastfeed successfully, has become one of the most common presentations to Osteopaths, and other manual practitioners, who treat early life disorders.

Key to recognising and treating an infant struggling with breast or bottle feeding, is an understanding of the suck/swallow/breathe mechanism, related anatomy and a range of direct and indirect techniques to normalise any structural dysfunctions.

Emphasis is on evaluation, treatment, practical management and advice rather than in depth anatomy & physiology which participants can study at their leisure.


  • Mechanism of breastfeeding in infants
  • Mandible & Hyoid
  • Intraoral approaches
  • Mechanism of swallowing in infants
  • Infrahyoid region, sternum, clavicle, anterior thorax & diaphragm


  • The Face & Temporals
  • Mechanisms of breathing in an infant
  • Occiput, cervical spine, scapulae, & posterior thorax
  • Visceral & Membranous approaches to breastfeeding problems

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. Full notes will be supplied during the lecture.

A 13 hour CPD certificate will be available at the end of the weekend.

This in a Postgraduate Level workshop. To get the most out of this course you should:
  • Be able to undertake a full health history and physical examination of the infant.
  • Understand your legal obligations when treating paediatric patients, including cautions & contra-indications to manual treatment.
  • Understand the need for medical referrals where indicated.
  • Be clear that you are working within the guidelines of your particular professional or registering organisation

Do check with us if you are unsure  mumandbabyCPD@gmail.com