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You are welcome to contact us by phone 07792384592 or by e-mail if you are not sure.

The Osteopath will start by taking a health history for you or your child which will include details of, for example, pregnancy, birth, past medical history and information about your current condition. You will then be asked to sign a consent form for examination and treatment. A gentle examination will be performed – adults will usually be asked to undress to underwear and babies to nappies. Treatment is gentle hands on manual therapy – babies and children are treated wherever they are comfortable – breast feeding is often good.

The first consultation and treatment will take about an hour. Follow up visits will take 30-40 mins.

Not at all – just a warm room, some pillows and a duvet. Children are welcome to play with toys, watch TV or eat during a treatment!

This depends on the condition being treated. The Osteopath will give you an estimate after the first consultation.

Treatment is generally very gentle but it is possible to suffer some added discomfort after treatment. Babies and children can be unusually sleepy (or grumpy!) after treatment but this should pass over the next 24 hours.

Contact us – if you are within a reasonable distance we may still be able to come to you, if not, we may know an Osteopath in your area that could help. You can also use the General Osteopathic Council’s find an Osteopath Service on www.osteopathy.org.uk

Yes we see all kinds of adult patients with a diverse range of conditions

Osteopathy is covered by many insurance companies – please check with your insurers. If you are covered the Osteopath will give you a receipt for your payment which you can present to your insurers to recoup the money.

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