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CPD-Miserable Baby Part 5

  Date: Due to the pandemic we are not able to run any courses but hope to be back late 2021


  Venue: The London School of Osteopathy
  12 Grange Road, London S.E.1

  Times: 10am – 5.00pm (registration from 9.30am)

  Cost: £140.00


The Miserable Baby Part 5       


The Miserable Baby Part 5 

This is a ‘stand alone’ course – Miserable Baby Parts 1-4 can be attended in any order


This course comes with time limited access (3 months) to portions of our Video ‘Infant Examination 0-6 Months.


Topics covered throughout the day:

Morning session

Infant Examination Part 2 – regional examination 0-6 months:

  • An in depth approach to assessing the head, cranial base, cranial vault & patency of sutures, face including eye, ear, mouth & tongue, passive motion testing of the neck, evaluation of shoulder girdle, elbow, wrist and hand. Development of hand function from birth. Evaluation of the  thorax and thoracic spine, abdomen to include visceral palpation, lumbar spine, pelvis, hip, knee, foot & ankle.

Infant Examination PART 1 is covered in our Miserable Baby Part 4 lecture

Afternoon session

Mobility – the infant hip, knee & leg. 

Introduction to growth and development of the hip and lower extremity
Assessment & medical approaches to hip dysplasias
Practical Session 1- the hip
Development of the knee joint in infancy & beyond
Early life conditions/pathologies of the knee joint
Practical Session 2 – the knee
Hypermobility, diagnosis, assessment and effects on development
Crawling, walking and infant mobility
Practical Session 3 – mobility and the infant leg

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. Full notes, will be supplied during the lecture.

A 6.5 hour CPD certificate will be given at the end of the day.

[box]This in an Intermediate Level workshop. To get the most out of this course you should:[/box]

  • Be able to take a Paediatric case history and understand your legal & professional requirements for treating infants.
  • Understand the basic physiological processes of birth and how this may impact on body mechanics.
  • Have some understanding of indirect techniques/balanced tension techniques
  • Please check with us if you are unsure  mumandbabyCPD@gmail.com
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