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CPD – Postpartum Mum

Date: We will resume this course in 2024

Venue: The London School of Osteopathy
12 Grange Road, London S.E.1
Times: 10am – 5.00pm (registration from 9.30am)
Cost: £150.00

Postpartum Mum

‘Postpartum Mum’ – A Practical Approach to the Postnatal Patient

NB This course is designed primarily for Osteopath’s, however, if you are not an Osteopath but would like to join this course, please contact us first.

The postnatal patient is an often undertreated group – partly because focus tends to be on the health of the baby, but also because mothers themselves don’t realize that much postnatal discomfort is actually treatable. During the first 6 weeks, pelvic organs return to their normal condition, and many of the anatomical and physiological changes of pregnancy are reversed. However the musculo-skeletal system is slowest to recover, and may experience long term problems in areas most stressed by pregnancy and birth ie. low back and pelvis, pelvic floor & abdominal muscles. From this perspective, the postnatal period should probably include the first year. In this highly practical one day workshop, we will explore the postnatal body, and learn appropriate techniques (direct & indirect), exercises, strapping and advice.

Emphasis is on evaluation, treatment, practical management and advice rather than in depth anatomy & physiology which participants can study at their leisure. Guidelines for further study will be given at the lecture

Throughout the day we will be considering:

  • caesarian section & episiotomy – effects of surgery, healing rates & treatment of scar tissue.
  • breast feeding and thoracic pain. Mastititis and breast drainage technique and advice.
  • testing for diastasis recti and subsequent rehabilitation exercises.
  • ‘fascial drag’ and ‘sacral sag’ – indirect fascial & membraneous release techniques.
  • recognising autoimmune diseases and postnatal depression.
  • restoring normal A/P curves and the integrity of the abdominal canister.
  • taping technique for pelvic pain/instability after birth
  • uterus & pelvic floor

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, and be prepared to undress to your underwear in a mixed gender class, as we will be using each other to practise on. There are no internal techniques on this course.

Full notes and visual material will be supplied during the lecture.

A 6.5 hour CPD certificate will be available at the end of the day.

[box]This in an Intermediate Level workshop. To get the most out of this course you should:[/box]

Understand the basic physiological processes of pregnancy & birth and how this may effect the Mother.

Have a basic understanding of indirect, visceral and IMV approaches as some techniques will require
knowledge of these.

Do check with us if you are unsure  mumandbabyCPD@gmail.com