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‘Understanding ‘Colic’ & Lower Gastro-Intestinal Difficulties
in Newborns & Babies’

Running time: 34 minutes
English Language
Level: Postgraduate/Intermediate

This video is a ‘must see’ for Osteopaths, Cranio-Sacral Therapists, and other manual practitioners who take a ‘hands-on’ approach to treating early life disorders.

Through unique graphics, and demonstrations on our real live babies, we explore:

  • Aetiology, signs & symptoms suggestive of intestinal and colonic disorders
  • Cautions and indications for medical referral
  • Exploration of related anatomy & neurology
  • Definition of ‘Colic’ and some proposed mechanism
  • Observation & Evaluation of the lumbar spine, sacrum, pelvis, hips, & abdomen


  • Direct stretches and articulation for Sacro-iliac joints, Lumbar Spine & Hips
  • Diaphragm release focusing on inferior fascial relationships
  • Treating Lumbar somatic dysfunction
  • Releasing axial compression through the Lumbar Spine
  • Balanced tension techniques for the Pelvic bones
  • Treating Sacral dysfunctions
  • Disengaging Sacrum from Ilia
  • Treating the Peritoneum as a whole
  • Restoring mechanical balance between left Ilium and descending Colon
  • Balanced tension technique for Hips & Pelvis

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