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WEBINAR SERIES – Treating The Unsettled Baby

WEBINAR SERIES 1-6    A Manual Approach to Treating the Unsettled Baby

Webinar 1 :  7pm UK time (19.00) Tuesday 11th Oct 2022
Webinar 2 :  7pm UK time (19.00) Tuesday 18th Oct 2022
Webinar 3 :  7pm UK time (19.00) Tuesday 25th Oct 2022
Webinar 4 :  7pm UK time (19.00) Tuesday 1st Nov 2022
Webinar 5 :  7pm UK time (19.00) Tuesday 8th Nov 2022
Webinar 6 :  7pm UK time (19.00) Tuesday 15th Nov 2022

‘Unsettled/fussy’ baby is a term often used to describe a host of behaviours in the first few months of life. These behaviours include excessive & inconsolable crying, sleep disorders, feeding and digestive problems, colic, reflux & silent reflux, apparent abdominal pain, trapped wind, straining to defecate, infant dyschezia, failure to burp, excessive flatulence and others.
Unsettledness is rarely just one thing, but most often a whole cluster of signs & symptoms. Additionally, torticollis and plagiocephaly often run alongside.

In this 6 part webinar series we discuss what may underpin this unsettled behaviour – why babies cry, do they feel pain and what may be the source of this pain. We examine in detail, the input of the Autonomic Nervous System, Vagus Nerve & Vestibular System, current knowledge about Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Colic, Constipation & Infant Dyschezia.

Our focus is to understand when a practical hands on approach may be helpful and what techniques we could consider using.

We have designed a really practical 6 part Webinar Series, to provide an in-depth guide to this subject.

As with all our other ‘hands-on’ courses and videos, we include lots of unique graphics to explain the applied anatomy. All our techniques are filmed on real babies or dolls, and we provide a supporting interactive question and answer session after every webinar.

Each Webinar covers a different aspect of the topics involved, and is delivered as a one hour presentation followed by a 30 minute live discussion and question & answer session with Miranda Clayton.

Following the Webinar you will be able to view both the presentation & the Q&A session on our video platform for a limited time period of 8 weeks.
We will also supply you with full notes on the presentation – you can use Google Translate to change the notes into your own language if this is easier. Throughout the series we will also send articles and evidence base of interest.

We will be broadcasting one Webinar a week, for 6 weeks.

We understand that the world is a big place with different time zones. You do not have to watch these webinars live, as you will have 6 weeks to review the videos and subsequent discussion following the webinar.

Total Cost of Webinar Series is £200.00 GBP

Starting Tuesday 11th October

at 19.00 (UK time)


TIME ZONES are tricky!  We are broadcasting from London in the UK.  We have highlighted these London times in red on our charts above, and the equivalent times in various places around the world. To the best of our knowledge these global times are correct, but please check depending where you live.

IF OUR BROADCAST DATES DO NOT SUIT YOU – you can view the webinars in your own time.

We are using ZOOM as our Webinar interface. You can download ZOOM software for free.
Click here If you have not used this software before – it’s very easy to use, but you will need a good internet connection to get the best out of these Webinars.

We have designed this Webinar Series for fully qualified Osteopaths, Craniosacral Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and all practitioners who use hands-on approaches to infant care.
We assume that practitioners will have some prior paediatric knowledge before taking part.

A 9 hour CPD Certificate of Attendance will be available following the broadcast of the final webinar.

Will these Webinars be valid for my yearly CPD requirements? 
If you are not a UK Registered Osteopath you are advised to check with your own professional organisation.

The Level of these Webinars is Postgraduate. To get the most out of the presentations you will need:

  • Be able to undertake a full health history and physical examination of the infant.
  • Understand your legal obligations when treating paediatric patients, including cautions & contra-indications to manual treatment.
  • Understand the need for medical referrals where indicated.
  • Be clear that you are working within the guidelines of your particular professional or registering organisation
    Do check with us if you are unsure  mumandbabyCPD@gmail.com